Your online Showbox order form for the 2017 Five Star Conference.

Due to the nature of certain items and services, all orders should be placed prior to September 4th. Orders placed after that date cannot be guaranteed. If Showbox is unable to fulfill any portion of an order, we will contact you regarding this and process a full refund if applicable. 

Rental & Services

  • Standard Booth Package

    Standard Booth Package

    2 Black Side Chairs, 6'x30" Black Skirted Table, Wastebasket

    $249.00 ea.

  • Premium Booth Package

    Premium Booth Package

    10'x10' Premium Padded Carpet, 2 Black Side Chairs, 6'x30" Black Skirted Table, Wastebasket

    $450.00 ea.

  • Premium Padded Carpet

    Premium Padded Carpet

    A 10'x10' area of padded carpet, available in multiple colors.

  • Skirted Table

    Skirted Table

    Black Skirted Table 6' L x 30" W x 29" H.

    $149.00 ea.

  • Modular High Stool

    Modular High Stool

    Black Modular High Stool - 29" H.

  • Side Chair

    Side Chair

    Black Side Chair for seating.

    $49.00 ea.

  • Waste basket

    Waste basket

    Small waste basket for your booth.

    $19.00 ea.

  • Literature Rack

    Literature Rack

    A free standing magazine rack to display your promotion materials.

    $159.00 ea.

  • Easel


    6' adjustable clamp stand (easel) for signage display.

    $60.00 ea.

  • Glass Container

    Glass Container

    Glass container for business card drops.

    $20.00 ea.

  • White Contemporary Club Chair

    White Contemporary Club Chair

    White contemporary leather lounge club chair.

  • White Contemporary Sofa

    White Contemporary Sofa

    White contemporary leather lounge sofa. Seating 2 people.

  • Sofa, Love Seat, Chair + Coffee & End Table

    Sofa, Love Seat, Chair + Coffee & End Table

    1 contemporary sofa, 1 contemporary love seat, 1 contemporary chair, 1 glass coffee table and 1 glass end table.

  • Black Club Chair

    Black Club Chair

    Black leather club chair for booth seating.

    $399.00 ea. [Sold Out]

  • Black Love Seat

    Black Love Seat

    Black leather love seat. Seating 2 people.

    $579.00 ea. [Sold Out]

  • Black Leather Sofa

    Black Leather Sofa

    Black leather sofa. Seating 3 people.

    $509.00 ea. [Sold Out]

  • Rectangular Coffee Table

    Rectangular Coffee Table

    Rectangular glass coffee table.

  • Bar Table w/ Base

    Bar Table w/ Base

    25" - 36" bar table w/ std base.

  • White Skirted Cocktail Table

    White Skirted Cocktail Table

    30" - 42" white spandex skirted cocktail table.

    $99.00 ea.

  • Stage Chair

    Stage Chair

    Standard stage chair seating for 1 person.

  • Santa Cruz Floor Lamp

    Santa Cruz Floor Lamp

    48" - 62" floor lamp for additional booth lighting.

    $129.00 ea.

  • Salon Floor Lamps

    Salon Floor Lamps

    Salon floor lamp for additional booth lighting.

    $149.00 ea.

  • Cleaning Service

    Cleaning Service

    Overnight cleaning service

    $60.00 ea.


  • Standard Green Plant

    Standard Green Plant

    Artificial green plant.

  • Ferns


    $45.00 ea.

  • Mums


    $45.00 ea.

  • Floral Arrangement

    Floral Arrangement

    12" cut floral arrangement.

    $65.00 ea.

*Plants may vary in size and color and will be based on inventory available.

Material Handling

Charges will be based on the weight of your inbound shipment. Each shipment received is considered separate. The shipment weight will be rounded up to the next 100 lbs. Each 100 lbs. is considered one cwt (hundred weight). There is a 200 lbs. minimum charge for each shipment. 

Example below is based on the published rate for Show site pricing:                                                             

351 lbs. would be rounded to 400 lbs. divided by 100 =  4 Total CWT (4 CWT x $59.00 = Material Handling Charge $236.00)

Material Handling

  • Material Handling CWT

    Material Handling CWT

    Each 100 lbs is considered 1 CWT. 1CWT = $49.00/$59.00

Labor Services

If you require ShowBox or FSC personnel assistance for forklift service, material handling, setup and strike, or any other labor related tasks, please select "Yes" below.

A ShowBox representative will contact you to discuss specific needs and prices. For certain charges, a deposit will be required. For all orders a credit card must be on file, which will be billed at the end of the show after all labor services have been recorded.

Labor assistance not ordered in advance will be charged higher rates and will be serviced only after all other orders have been fulfilled.


  • Labor Services

    Labor Services

    Booth setup. Rates are based on one (1) labor worker, per one (1) hour.

    $40.00 ea.

Shipping Services

PGL is the official shipping logistics company of the FSC. They have a warehouse available for advanced shipments. Please reference page 29 of your exhibitor guide for specifics on shipping and PGL.

International Billing

The website billing system is set up to accept international credit cards however, if you need additional information regarding international wire transfers, please email [email protected] for specific instructions.


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